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Layette in a Nutshell

Layette mobile application features all the necessary advice empowering individuals to take control of their own and their children’s health with an easy to use Virtual Antenatal Clinic. 

Due to the unique maternity clinic system, Finland has been awarded, year after year, to be the best country in the world to be a mom. Layette is now sharing that leading maternity knowledge from Finland, with you.

Some of our topics


Child Development

Symptom Search

Changing Body

Pregnancy Week-by-Week

Healthy Lifestyle

First Aid

Multiple Pregnancy

Starting Family Foods

Caring for Your Baby at Home

Relationship after Baby



Active Everyday Life

Gestational Diabetes

Potty Training



Labour and Delivery

Dental Care

Content of Layette


Follow the progress of your pregnancy and the growth of your baby. This section also features a handy News Feed with daily changing tips.


Find answers to all your questions from three different categories: Pregnancy, Childhood, and Parenthood.


Handy features for monitoring fetal movements, breastfeeding and more. Here you can also find a food list for what is safe to eat during pregnancy.


Follow your pregnancy with our virtual nurse Emma. The Virtual Antenatal Clinic supports you in monitoring your well-being throughout the pregnancy.

Layette maternity app

Layette has daily changing, practical and useful information on pregnancy, childhood and parenthood.  Layette provides information from the first kicks to the toddler's first steps, all the way to the age of four.


"There is a lot of help, support and joy in Layette in the midst of the most busy years. It's wonderful to know that reliable information can be found in one place." 

—  Laura, CEO

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