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From the First Kicks to the

Toddler's First Steps

Layette is the only mobile application with virtual antenatal clinic that delivers Finland's award-winning maternity knowledge in parents' pockets. It is an easy-to-read guide for expectant parents and young families. Layette app features all the necessary advice empowering parents to take control of their own and their children’s health during pregnancy and a few years after the childbirth.

Layette has daily changing, practical and useful information on pregnancy, childhood and parenthood.  Layette provides information from the first kicks to the toddler's first steps, all the way to the age of four.

The virtual antenatal clinic of Layette supports parents in monitoring their own well-being throughout pregnancy. Self-monitoring brings further understanding, reassurance and well-being during the pregnancy. The virtual antenatal clinic emulates the award-winning antenatal clinic system in Finland.

Antenatal Clinic –

The Best Finnish Invention Ever

Antenatal clinic is a key part of preventive and health-promoting activities in primary health care in Finland. The services are voluntary and free of charge for all families. Municipalities are responsible for arranging the clinics providing maternity and child health counseling services.

The goals of the antenatal clinic primarily include the health of the fetus and the expectant mother during pregnancy. Goals also include mentoring parents and promoting health. The antenatal clinic can be used to prevent disorders during pregnancy and to improve public health. 

The antenatal clinics offer a variety of services to support the family until the child reaches school age. The purpose of these services is to help families through their changing situations.

Award-winning Maternity App

for Your Customers

By licensing Layette for your clinic, you will get 

  • Always up-to-date information about maternity health care from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and other Finnish professional partners from the health sector

  • A differentiating offering to strengthen your company brand and creating extra value for your customers

  • Easy to use mobile app 

  • Customer acquisition tool