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Reliable maternity knowledge from Finland

In Finland, antenatal clinics are a key part of preventive and health-promoting activities in primary health care. The services are voluntary and free of charge for all families.

The first antenatal clinic was started in 1922. Professor and doctor Arvo Ylppö is considered to be the developer of the Finnish antenatal clinic system. The first clinic was established by 8 people and grew in popularity year by year. Already during the first years of operation, infant mortality rate fell from 15 percent to 3 percent.

Year after year Finland has been chosen to be the best country in the world to be a mom, and the data continuously shows the lowest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world.


Layette as a company

Like many great stories, also our story began from a delivery room at hospital. Our CEO, a professional nurse and a midwife Sini, helped and cared there newborns, mothers, and their loved ones. She had a dream that similar care would be available everywhere in the world.

Sini realized the value of this national treasure of her home country after spending couple of years in Silicon Valley, California, with her husband and children. She got an idea of developing the Layette app to help mothers and families globally to access maternity information that is accurate, proven and can help save lives.

The Finnish maternity pack and school system had already made their way to world fame. Would it be the turn of maternity knowledge next?

Our Vision

We help expecting parents to have a safer and easier pregnancy and caring parenthood, by providing them Layette mobile application with an easy to use virtual antenatal clinic that enables them to source the best maternity knowledge in the world and focus on love.

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Winner Takes it All

  • Winner of “New entrepreneur of the year” (Sini Havukainen / CEO of Layette)

  • Winner of Kasvu Open, Future Health and Wellbeing category for “The best growth potential”

  • Winner of JCI Finland (national Finland) “The Productive idea”

  • Winner of “Nordic China -competition”

  • Winner of “Outstanding Young Person of Tampere” (Sini Havukainen / CEO of Layette)

  • Winner of JCI Finland (regional Tampere) “The Productive idea”

  • Winner of NTT DATA (regional Baltic/Nordic) “Open Innovation Contest 9.0”

  • Winner of JCI Finland “The best innovation of the year”

  • Winner of Stream Startup Festival “Tampere pitching competition”

  • Winner of Gazelle Award for “The most promising prospects for growth”

  • Winner of Kasvu Open, Digital Health category for “The best growth potential”